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Getting to Know Hartsfield & Nash Agency

The agency was originally founded in 1899 by Mrs. Ruby Reid, a prominent name in Wake Forest  history.  It operated as The Ruby Reid Agency until the mid 1930's when she sold it to Mr. Harvey Holding.  Doing business as the Holding Agency, in the early 1950's the agency was sold to Abner Nash. 

In 1957, Abner Nash joined up as a team with Jake Hartsfield, who had previously operated as a Nationwide agent until 1956.  The duo formed the Hartsfield & Nash Agency, as it has been named since.  When Mr. Nash retired in the mid 1970's, he sold his share of the agency to Mr. Hartsfield.  The agency continued operation under Mr. Hartsfield's ownership until July of 1984. At this time, he sold the agency to Mr. John Hodges of the Hodges Insurance Agency in Louisburg, NC. 

In August of that year after the company was purchased by Mr. Hodges, Wake Forest Native Don Stroud was hired to manage the agency.  In 1988, Mr. Hodges sold the agency to his son, Ray Hodges, and Mr. Stroud who have carried on the long held tradition of community service and protection of our clients' assests.  Representing a large number of carriers, Hartsfield & Nash is able to provide protection to almost any family or industry group.

Throught its history, the Hartsfield and Nash Agency has operated under many names but it has always continued to be a major force in the community and a good corporate citizen.  The agency has always taken a deep interest in the well-being of Wake Forest and remained active in community organizations.  The respected name of Hartsfield and Nash Agency has been protecting your future since 1899.